Our work team has the capacity to advise and represent all kind of clients, business, and any legal processes in criminal law. Inside the given service you can find:


  • Drafting and presentation of demands.

  • Representation of parties and victims during a criminal trial.

  • Drafting of technical legal concepts.

  • Legal counsel to legal person and natural person.

  • Accompaniment to legal proceedings.

  • Drafting and presentation of “tutela” in criminal issues.

  • Drafting and presentation of Habeas Corpus.

  • Drafting and representation of appeals and cassation appeal.

  • Counsel and representation in incidental issue of redress.

  • Fiscal responsibility process.


Our firm counts with a group of experts in the tax laws that with advised you with:


  • Tax planification for physical and moral persons.

  • Legal consulting in the income tax and other taxes charge to the property.

  • Legal consulting international agreements in order to avoid double taxes.

  • Due-diligences

  • Legal consulting in taxes for procurement transactions and merging operations.


Our team is comprised by the best high qualities’ lawyers, with excellent professional, academic and ethics skills, that are prepare to advice and represent you. Our main duties are:


  • Consulting and legal assistance to private and public entities.

  •  Assistance and representation in administrative and penalty process.

  • Assistance and representation in all administrative process.

  • Assistance and representation in invalidity action.

  • Representation in constitutionally actions.

  • Processing licenses.

  • Legal assistance to public entities and contracting companies in public contracts.

  • RUP registration.

  • Administrative and fiscal responsibility process. 

Our firm counts with a quality equip with wide knowledge and experience. The main domains are: 


  • Elaboration and negotiation of civil and commercial contracts.

  • Representation in trial process and arbitration tribunals.

  • Representation and consulting in the different goods process.

  • Civil liability.

  • Selling and buying immovable property.

  • Sequestration and embargo of property.

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